The Struggles of a Mac Gamer

By Steve McCullough on

Dear Game Publishers,

Why in the name of Zeus are there so few games for OSX? I grant you that out-of-the-box Macs simply do not possess the hardware necessary to process your oftentimes overhyped and redundant super-realistic graphics, but for anything less than bloom-til-you're-blind, Macs can handle it. Most gamers are of the opinion that graphics do not make a game — although they can enhance it I grant you — and so speaking without permission on behalf of the plethora of people who want Macs but also want some games; make some AAA games minus super-graphics extraordinaire. I don’t care if my game doesn’t run at 100fps at 2K levels, I just want a good game dammit.

It’s okay, no seriously, it’s okay, to release fantastic games that don’t look prettier than a Victoria Secret’s model carrying a pizza and a six-pack of Heineken, so long as they are fantastic. Why is it that only strategy games have embraced the Mac community? Games like Crusader Kings and Civilization (Um, really anything by Paradox Studios because they’re amazing individuals and I will love them forever) are playable and fan-fucking-mazing on Macs.

Want to know what’s not?

Probably your game, asshole.

And the cherry on the iceberg is that the Mac community is hardly a small market, and it could bloom like your favourite daisy if the stereotype of there being no games for Mac could be erased. Take a lovely bite of that supposed cyanide pill and lower your graphical (real word) quality and embrace us. We just want to love you.

With love,