Risk Legacy: The Beginning

By Nathaniel Protter on

Our ancestors used to look up at the stars, dreaming of a day when they could spread throughout the endless heavens, exploring and colonizing, discovering untold wonders.

How wrong they were.

It is the year 3200. War shakes the heavens themselves. Mankind has made it to the stars, and brought with us our terrible proclivities for violence. Refugees flee from these titanic battles, settling on new worlds, and terraforming them into the image of the long lost homeworld, Earth. When we created Earth #, we thought that we had finally found peace. But war is inside us, and we can never escape.

Welcome to the Pass Priority dramatisation of our times play Risk Legacy. Each week we’ll be playing a game or two up until the board is finished, and writing a report of what happened. Risk Legacy is a variant of classic Risk that focuses on choices and personalization, featuring a persistent, changing board. As the players fight wars, achieve objectives, win or lose, they can stick permanent additions to the board, drastically changing how the game is played, forever. A strategically placed fortress or scar can turn an unbeatable holdout into an arid wasteland. Each board “finishes” at the end of 15 games, where the winner of the most games has the honour of naming the world. (And gloating rights for up to a year)

Who’s Who
Ben - Saharan Republic
Steven - Enclave of the Bear
Logan - Khan Industries
Nathaniel - Die Mechanar

Four powerful factions rose to dominate the surface of the earth. The savage genetically altered Enclave of the Bear, led by High Chieftain Brezarh MacStark took hold of the chilly shores of Iceland. The inhuman Die Mechanar, relentless armoured figures led to war by Emperor Maximilian I claimed the mountains of Venezuela, fortifying all possible land and sea routes. In the wastelands of the Sahara desert, Galadel Vol Symonn rallied her people to form a ragged alliance of freedom fighters, the Saharan Republic. And finally, the Khan Industries corporation president, Wei-Yu, bought out the entirely of North America, and declared it a martial state. These leaders laid eyes on the rest of the world, and an uneasy tension rose. Troops were massed on borders, fortifications were built, meaningless treaties were thrown about with empty talks of peace. But it was inevitable

War began with a land dispute between the Die Mechanar and the Khans. Emperor Maximilian I claimed sovereignty over the lands of Mexico, and its powerful industrial base, insisting that his ancestors had owned these lands. When the Khans ignored his obnoxious demands, Die Mechanar troops assaulted the loosely guarded walls and quickly conquered the entire territory. This was the spark the world had been waiting for, and war broke out across the globe weeks after. The Enclave began a vicious arctic feud with the Khans, churning the glaciers of Greenland into so much mud and blood, while also engaging in a game of cat and mouse warfare along the Mediterranean coast with the Saharans. Struggling to hold this war on two fronts, Chief Brezarh ordered the destruction of all Egyptian infrastructure, killing millions and paving himself a road into the heart of the Saharan republic.
The initial invasion of the Die Mechanar into Mexico became a pitched battle that lasted for decades, with no side ever emerging the victor. In a fit of frustration, the Emperor ordered the destruction of all the ammunition factories of the region, leaving it as nothing more than an arid wasteland. The fight became a matter of pride, rather than resources, but this constant feuding drained the Khans of their resources, and they never managed to recover.

The Saharans, looking for a way to expand their influence, began to make entreaties into the so far peaceful asian continent. However, Chief Brezarh, sensing weakness, led a brutal assault into their lands, razing a path to South Africa, and seemingly shattering the balance of power. The Saharans retreated to the remote Australia to lick their wounds and rebuild their armies, while the attention of Die Mechanar and Khan Industries turned to the Enclave, fearful of their new power. This was the be the fatal mistake. Each of the three powers exhausted themselves fighting pointless wars, not expecting that the Saharans could ever return to prominence. But all wars need to have a victor to write the history books at some point.

Vol Symonn rallied her troops, and engaged in a blitz war against the Enclave, exacting terrible vengeance. However the attack was more than a simple strike against hated enemies. After recapturing their headquarters in South Africa, the Saharans rallied troops from around the entire world, leaving their borders barely defended, and began a daring assault on the Enclave, burning through Europe and pushing into Iceland capturing the capital of the Bear folk. She would not stop there however, immediately following with an oversea attack into the weakly defended shores of North America. The Khans had left the path to their home completely undefended, and were smashed aside by the tide of desert warriors. When the dust settled, the Saharan Republic stood ascendant, the rest of the world too weak to fight back. Vol Symonn founded a glorious city, Agronesis in the heart of South Africa, and retired to the peaceful position of President of the Republic. The shattered remains of the other facts fled the field, and accepted treaties of peace, allowing them to at least lick their wounds.

Several other cities were built in the aftermath. Khan Industries named the devastated region in Mexico “Detroit” in honour of a long forgotten city on the homeworld. Its endless slums and abandoned factories are overrun by gangs, leery of any new outsiders come to make war. The Enclave founded Tar Valon on the isle of Iceland. Far to the east, the city of Anterium was founded in Southeast Asia by peoples who had taken the Saharan republican ideals to heart.

For the next 10 years Vol Symonn ruled from the city of Agronesis, and it seemed perhaps that this had been a mere bump on the path of Peace.

<Ben managed to win this game from behind, after being nearly destroyed by Steve, and then left alone. For his victory, he decided to build a Capital in South Africa, a place where only he is allowed to start the game from now.
The rest of us had to be content with building minor cities, which we cannot start in.>

Tune in next week for more updates!