Magic Card of the Week
Grifter’s Blade

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game by Wizards of the Coast®. Once a week, Logan Wiltse selects a random card from the entirety of the series and writes about its playability. This week’s card focuses on Grifter’s Blade.

By Logan Wiltse on

This card is bad.

Ok, perhaps that is a bit unfair… you could glean some use out of it as +1/+1 equipment so it isn’t inherently bad. I mean, having buffs on your creatures is nice and having it auto-attach is also pretty great. PLUS it’s at instant speed! All in all, this card must to be pretty sweet deal, right?!? Except it’s not. What really makes this card stink is the cost. When you judge a card with a lot of different things going on you have to look at exactly what you are paying for. This card, for example:

  • Has you pay 1 colourless for a +1/+1 sword,
  • Has you pay 1 colourless for auto-equipping,
  • and has you pay 1 colourless for it to be at instant speed.

That’s all well and good — and might work if you were to pop it as a combat trick to surprise someone — but there are other cards you could run to do the job better for less. While still being uncommon, you could have either of these:

  • Gorgon Flail: A 2 mana equipment that gives +1/+1 and Deathtouch (Better in the equipment category), or…
  • Aerial Maneuver: A 2 mana Instant that gives +1/+1, flying and first strike until the end of turn (Better in the combat trick category).

So, while I get that WotC was going for a beneficial “jack of all trades” equipment card, it unfortunately falls flat in terms of value for your deck. Too much mana for not enough awesome. For that reason I am giving it a 2 out of 5.