Magic Card of the Week
Extraplanar Lens

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game by Wizards of the Coast®. Once a week, Logan Wiltse selects a random card from the entirety of the series and writes about its playability. This week’s card focuses on Extraplanar Lens.

By Logan Wiltse on

Essentially how this card works is you are ditching one land to double your mana output of that colour. Be warned this will also double the mana production of all lands of the same name for its controller, including for your opponents. That being said, if you are running a deck with some fatties in it or a lot of expensive cards it may just tip the game into your favour. This card has the capability of turning any commander game into a mosh-pit of disaster within a turn, or ( if you are alone in playing your colour) an all out ramp blowout.

There is a sneaky way around this cards major caveat that will make it so the lens is only a blowout for you; using snow covered lands. Snow covered lands are commander legal and for the most part offer no bonus other than SWAG POINTS (I'm so sorry), but them having a differently named land than regular land and still being basic allows you to use this lens without worrying about your opponents ability to steal your hyper-ramp.

While this card is situational, if you get it to work it is an absolute bomb and will put you leagues ahead of your opponents in mana production. For that reason I am giving it a 4 out of 5.