Breaking the Habit, Ending the Era

By Steve McCullough on

It's over.

Dear almighty Zeus, it's over.

One year of my life, sapped from me. One year with a nudging, omnipresent twitch in my mind. A scourge on the earth it was, in its prime, a menace few could resist, much less fight. Controlled from the shadows by one of the most notoriously evil corporations to ever deplete the pockets of innocent consumers, it dominated all who came across it.

But it's over.

No more shall I suffer into the early hours of the morning, sweating and stressed over something so meaningless. No more shall one small singular entity consume me with its incessant pecking for my attention and time. No more shall it's colours and falsely pretty lights blur my vision. No more can the shadow corporation have any say over my how my wallet is depleted.

For it's over.

Once, I was consumed by it. It demanded my attention. It received it. But I proved who had the power. I proved who was ultimately in charge, who called the shots and who would not be swayed any longer. I proved that even the utmost evil can be defeated. In the end it showed its true power. It showed that it was ultimately powerless against me.

But I ended it.

Oh, how that feeling was glorious. Oh, how that feeling was calming, stress relieving, happy, even. The feeling of triumph eternal, a victory both morally and spiritually. For you see, after a year of addiction, a year of distraction, a year with it never leaving me alone, I ended it.

I deleted Candy Crush. Bitch.

With love, Steve